Vote for Charity

Please connect to the Binance Smart Chain using Metamask or Trust Wallet to vote

This poll will conclude on 6/20/2021 at 12:00pm PST

The donation pool for this poll is Amount BNB

Here you can vote for charities that the charity wallet will be used to donate to on the conclusion of the poll. Your vote is weighted to the amount of Butter Tokens you hold in your connected wallet. This vote does not cost anything other than the gas fee for casting your vote.

Series 2 Butter Voting NFTs

By voting in the charity poll, you earn the right to claim one of the following tiered NFTs that attest to your participation in the poll.
Artwork by Boonah Graphics.
NFT Contract Address: 0x6d68de1087edE3221f87C16D7e9E06c24ed073B1
Minimum ID for series: 326

Tier 1: >0 Butter Votes

Tier 2: >100,000,000 Butter Votes

Tier 3: >1,000,000,000 Butter Votes


Partnered Charity

1000000 votes

Food For Life Global

FOOD FOR LIFE Global is a nonprofit charitable organization with regional offices in Delaware, USA and Ljubljana, Slovenia. Food for Life Global is the international headquarters for Food for Life – the world’s largest vegan food relief and is funded mainly by member donations.