How to Buy Milk and Butter Tokens

Click the link below to watch a video guide or follow the steps listed on this page to buy the Milk and Butter tokens!

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Guide for Metamask users

Step 1: Create a wallet

Download and install Trust Wallet and create a wallet. You will need to keep your key phrase and keep it secret. Never share this phrase with anyone.

Step 2: Add Milk and Butter to Trust Wallet

Tap the settings icon in the top right corner and paste the token address below in the search bar and click the slider next to the token that populates in the list below the search bar to turn on tracking of that token.

Milk Address: 0xb7CEF49d89321e22dd3F51a212d58398Ad542640

Butter Address: 0x0110ff9e7e4028a5337f07841437b92d5bf53762

Step 3: Buy Binance Smart Chain (BSC) BNB

Tap on the "Smart Chain" icon on the main wallet screen of Trust Wallet then tap "Buy" in the top right corner. You may need to contact your bank if the transaction does not go though.

Once you have purchased, you may need to wait momentarily for the transaction to process.

Step 4: Swap BNB for Milk or Butter using Bogged Finance

Once you are able to see your BNB balance within Trust wallet, if you are using iPhone, navigate to trust://browser_enable using Safari to enable the built-in DApp browser in Trust Wallet.

Return to Trust Wallet and click the Browser section located in the bottom ribbon of Trust Wallet.

Navigate to and click the box labeled "Select Your Token."

Paste which of the following addresses of the tokens you wish to purchase and click the name of the token that appears in the drop down below the search bar after pasting.

Milk Address: 0xb7CEF49d89321e22dd3F51a212d58398Ad542640

Butter Address: 0x0110ff9e7e4028a5337f07841437b92d5bf53762

Enter the amount of BNB you wish to swap into the token of your choice in the field labeled "Amount In"

Milk: 7

Butter: 11

Click the "Swap" button in order to swap BNB into your token of choice.

Congratuations, you are now a holder of Butter and/or Milk!